Thursday, 31 January 2013

War of the Biggers: Three Way Tablet Battle

I just talked about which smaller tablet to purchase. However, what if you want something bigger? There are many choices when it comes to tablets. This post is going to focus on three different tablets; the iPad fourth generation, Acer Iconia W510 and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The specs will be listed below; for now, here is my 5-star chart on the tablets:

Cutting to the chase, the Acer Iconia is my favourite choice because it has a full-blown operating system and is a fair price for the better processor, 64 GB of storage and a killer rear-facing camera. Windows 8 is designed for touch screen devices and still has its own app store, many of the apps being free as well. The iPad is great but it is lacking a better processor, more ram and the fact that iOS has a lot of paid apps, but they are better quality. The Samsung is an amazing tablet because it already comes with a word processing app. However, Microsoft Office 2013 will also work on many mobile devices.

Sorry Apple, I love the iPad’s retina display, but your apps end up being higher priced with no office software. I may add the expandable memory option is also a big downfall.

Next blog post, as of now, will be a nice review of the Blackberry Z10. Here is a shot of the Blackberry van in Toronto where I saw and played with it for the first time. And don't forget to follow the twitter portion of my blog @eztechspot.

Blackberry Van on Bay St., Toronto, On.
Better View of Blackberry Van Display

Specifications chart

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