Thursday, 31 January 2013


BlackBerry Z10 - Picture Credit goes to Colin Peters

The New BlackBerry Z10

As I said in my last post, I played with the BlackBerry Z10 the other day and I thought that it was amazing. Well, the truth be told, it is!

The BB’s specs are off the charts compared to their previous models. The processor they chose is even competitive to phones like the iPhone and HTCs. Just to confirm with some people, yes this is the same chip used in the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

There is one issue I have with this phone and that is the apps. It comes with amazing apps to start such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Docs to Go (trial). However, other apps will not be developed like the ones on iOS and Android operating systems. Think of this in the same light as Windows 8; the numbers of apps were low the first day it came out, but they continued to grow and still are to this day. This has to be the only downfall that I see as of right now.

To sum up this post, I wish I had played with the phone a bit longer. I was impressed with everything about it from the physical layout and design, all the way to how basic apps it comes with operate and layout. If you decide to get one soon then I suggest you learn one feature: put your thumb on the BlackBerry logo and push up to get back to the home screen. Go try one for yourself; it is an amazing smart phone. Congratulations BlackBerry, you did it when nobody else thought you could, including me.

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The following chart is the specs layout for the BB Z10:
Thanks to BlackBerry for providing the specs on


  1. Glad I could help out with the picture! I'm really interested to see how this phone does on the market. Hoping for the best considering Blackberry (formerly RIM) is a Canadian company.

  2. I agree Colin! I don't think they have been moving with the times as they should've, but at the same time, I root for their success more than I do Apple's

  3. It looks like a great phone and I hope they do well too. I would be curious to learn more about the warranty they offer.

    1. If BB keeps their current warranty, this means that only manufacturer defects are covered. Research into your service provider to see if they offer extended and accidental warranties. Apple is the only company I know of that offers their own extended warranty that has accidental coverage included. This sounds like another blog topic coming along.

  4. The phone looks great, but it will be interesting to see if the predictions about RIM come true. It would be sad to see a Canadian company bite the dust.

  5. BB will make a comeback as they already have started to with the Z10.