Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mini Tablet Stand-Off

You are out looking for an eReader but quickly discover that for an extra $100 dollars you can get yourself a tablet that uses both major eReader applications: Kobo and Kindle. The hard part is deciding what to get and what to focus on. Ideas that come to mind are portability, screen size, resolution, memory size, speed and apps.
I sell tablets on a regular basis and compare these two products consistently. The one thing they both lack is expandable memory; meaning you cannot add a micro SD card for extra storage space. Now that that is out of the way, I put together a 5-star rating system chart that will give you an idea on how I rated these tablets. If you want to be a bit more tech savvy, I inserted the chart at the bottom of the post.

These tablets have about a split score, depending on what you think of the screen size and how that would be in your eyes. The Nexus 7 is a more powerful unit with a lot clearer of a display, as well as vibrant in colour. Oh and we cannot forget price. The iPad mini is dominant in multimedia streaming, battery life and weight. I have done some research from a recent post on and they say that the iOS apps are better quality, but the Android OS has more free apps.
The result
The Nexus 7, in my opinion, is a clear winner. I view small tablets for portability, power and multimedia. If you are really about a rear-facing camera or if you have other Apple products, than you will look at the iPad mini as your winner simply for interconnectivity reasons. However, if you don’t use your calendar app, the interconnectivity will not make a big difference.
Research more by looking at the Make Use Of’s review. They have some other opinions. In addition, be sure to check out my friend Geoff Bassett’s blog about relaxing music. His blog is called Audio Ambrosia

Specifications Chart


  1. I agree with you in the Nexus 7 - especially with the price difference! I'd rather save my money and go without the iBrand

  2. i'm not in the market for a tablet...i don't really see the point of them when I already have a laptop and a kindle...but if I was, I would probably go with the ipad mini just because I have all apple products with everything else.