Friday, 25 January 2013

From Disc to Digital

You have an iPod touch, tablet, laptop, multimedia streaming devices (i.e. Apple Tv or WesternDigital TV Live) and you still are puzzled how to get your Blu-rays and DVDs onto them. Have no fear a tutorial is here.

In today’s world, many DVDs are coming out with a digital copy, this you will see on the case content. What you don’t always see on the case is how long the digital copy is valid for. I just purchased the X-Men Trilogy a few days before the 2013 New Year and the digital copy expired September 22, 2010. Now you’re stuck. What do you do? Rip it of course.

Firstly, I encourage you to look at your laws in order to determine if this is legal in your country. Some allow you to do this for personal use only. Secondly, you are going to need some software and hardware. For DVDs, if your computer has been built in the last five years, you should be ok. Blu-ray Disc will need a Blu-ray reader. Be sure you use the "Presets" in Handbrake if you are unsure of what to use. One day I will get to using Handbrake.

Once I find software that is compatible with Mac I will do my best on inserting a guide for you.

There is one part where you will be waiting for a while. When this is happening, check out my friends blog. Her name is Courtney Charette and she is exploring the Niagara area. Her blog is called Rediscover Niagara.

What you will need to start this project:

A PC (sorry Mac users, the decryption software just isn't available unless you pay for it. I am also a fan of freeware software)

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