Thursday, 31 January 2013


BlackBerry Z10 - Picture Credit goes to Colin Peters

The New BlackBerry Z10

As I said in my last post, I played with the BlackBerry Z10 the other day and I thought that it was amazing. Well, the truth be told, it is!

The BB’s specs are off the charts compared to their previous models. The processor they chose is even competitive to phones like the iPhone and HTCs. Just to confirm with some people, yes this is the same chip used in the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

There is one issue I have with this phone and that is the apps. It comes with amazing apps to start such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Docs to Go (trial). However, other apps will not be developed like the ones on iOS and Android operating systems. Think of this in the same light as Windows 8; the numbers of apps were low the first day it came out, but they continued to grow and still are to this day. This has to be the only downfall that I see as of right now.

To sum up this post, I wish I had played with the phone a bit longer. I was impressed with everything about it from the physical layout and design, all the way to how basic apps it comes with operate and layout. If you decide to get one soon then I suggest you learn one feature: put your thumb on the BlackBerry logo and push up to get back to the home screen. Go try one for yourself; it is an amazing smart phone. Congratulations BlackBerry, you did it when nobody else thought you could, including me.

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The following chart is the specs layout for the BB Z10:
Thanks to BlackBerry for providing the specs on

War of the Biggers: Three Way Tablet Battle

I just talked about which smaller tablet to purchase. However, what if you want something bigger? There are many choices when it comes to tablets. This post is going to focus on three different tablets; the iPad fourth generation, Acer Iconia W510 and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The specs will be listed below; for now, here is my 5-star chart on the tablets:

Cutting to the chase, the Acer Iconia is my favourite choice because it has a full-blown operating system and is a fair price for the better processor, 64 GB of storage and a killer rear-facing camera. Windows 8 is designed for touch screen devices and still has its own app store, many of the apps being free as well. The iPad is great but it is lacking a better processor, more ram and the fact that iOS has a lot of paid apps, but they are better quality. The Samsung is an amazing tablet because it already comes with a word processing app. However, Microsoft Office 2013 will also work on many mobile devices.

Sorry Apple, I love the iPad’s retina display, but your apps end up being higher priced with no office software. I may add the expandable memory option is also a big downfall.

Next blog post, as of now, will be a nice review of the Blackberry Z10. Here is a shot of the Blackberry van in Toronto where I saw and played with it for the first time. And don't forget to follow the twitter portion of my blog @eztechspot.

Blackberry Van on Bay St., Toronto, On.
Better View of Blackberry Van Display

Specifications chart

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mini Tablet Stand-Off

You are out looking for an eReader but quickly discover that for an extra $100 dollars you can get yourself a tablet that uses both major eReader applications: Kobo and Kindle. The hard part is deciding what to get and what to focus on. Ideas that come to mind are portability, screen size, resolution, memory size, speed and apps.
I sell tablets on a regular basis and compare these two products consistently. The one thing they both lack is expandable memory; meaning you cannot add a micro SD card for extra storage space. Now that that is out of the way, I put together a 5-star rating system chart that will give you an idea on how I rated these tablets. If you want to be a bit more tech savvy, I inserted the chart at the bottom of the post.

These tablets have about a split score, depending on what you think of the screen size and how that would be in your eyes. The Nexus 7 is a more powerful unit with a lot clearer of a display, as well as vibrant in colour. Oh and we cannot forget price. The iPad mini is dominant in multimedia streaming, battery life and weight. I have done some research from a recent post on and they say that the iOS apps are better quality, but the Android OS has more free apps.
The result
The Nexus 7, in my opinion, is a clear winner. I view small tablets for portability, power and multimedia. If you are really about a rear-facing camera or if you have other Apple products, than you will look at the iPad mini as your winner simply for interconnectivity reasons. However, if you don’t use your calendar app, the interconnectivity will not make a big difference.
Research more by looking at the Make Use Of’s review. They have some other opinions. In addition, be sure to check out my friend Geoff Bassett’s blog about relaxing music. His blog is called Audio Ambrosia

Specifications Chart

Friday, 25 January 2013

From Disc to Digital

You have an iPod touch, tablet, laptop, multimedia streaming devices (i.e. Apple Tv or WesternDigital TV Live) and you still are puzzled how to get your Blu-rays and DVDs onto them. Have no fear a tutorial is here.

In today’s world, many DVDs are coming out with a digital copy, this you will see on the case content. What you don’t always see on the case is how long the digital copy is valid for. I just purchased the X-Men Trilogy a few days before the 2013 New Year and the digital copy expired September 22, 2010. Now you’re stuck. What do you do? Rip it of course.

Firstly, I encourage you to look at your laws in order to determine if this is legal in your country. Some allow you to do this for personal use only. Secondly, you are going to need some software and hardware. For DVDs, if your computer has been built in the last five years, you should be ok. Blu-ray Disc will need a Blu-ray reader. Be sure you use the "Presets" in Handbrake if you are unsure of what to use. One day I will get to using Handbrake.

Once I find software that is compatible with Mac I will do my best on inserting a guide for you.

There is one part where you will be waiting for a while. When this is happening, check out my friends blog. Her name is Courtney Charette and she is exploring the Niagara area. Her blog is called Rediscover Niagara.

What you will need to start this project:

A PC (sorry Mac users, the decryption software just isn't available unless you pay for it. I am also a fan of freeware software)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Guide to EZ Tech Spot

I have been building and diagnosing computers for the past 11 years. Most of my knowledge has come from working in a retail environment. I have worked for two computer businesses, one being a university tech shop and the other being a major retail chain. I do enjoy helping friends and family with any computer problems they may have. I have found that most customers have difficulty comprehending and looking for information on technology. My goal is to help you receive the knowledge and understanding of different technology so you will be informed.

This blog will be a resource guide to the retail world. Topics that will be covered will be a combination of how to guides, suggestions, and information. Products being covered will endless and welcome any suggestions. You can email any suggestions to me here. I will simply state pros and cons, what I recommend and why. Based on questions based in comments and emails, I am more than willing to add a sequel post. Here is a list of the topics I will touch upon: tablets (both big and small), cloud storage services, free software reviews, wireless routers, custom building computers and lots more.