Saturday, 4 May 2013

Waze - Amazing GPS Smartphone Navigation

Basic Waze directions
Do you have a smartphone, with data, and fall under the following categories, while driving; get lost frequently, have a bad sense of direction, hate being stuck in traffic, want to be aware of pulled over cars and police officers? Well, you are in luck! After thoroughly testing this app, I bring to you a great review.

Waze is an application for your Android, Apple and, some, Blackberry devices. It is also 100 per cent free! This amazing app took me from my house to my girlfriend's place with no hassle. I was warned one time for a police officer, three times for pulled over vehicles and it re-routed me away from rush-hour traffic when possible. It made me feel confident about being on the Q.E.W. and where I was going.

It works because of you. No, there is no joke, here. It works because people communicate through the app. Through an easy combination of 2-3 buttons, you can report debris on the road, pulled over vehicles, police vehicles (stopped, moving or hidden) and traffic delays. Waze is amazing because it also gives you spoken directions in distance and the street name. On top of all this, when i was in Toronto, a fellow Wazer messaged me asking for directions. How useful is that for all you shy people who don’t want to physically ask someone for directions? I guess you can say that Waze brings social media to a new level.

This app is growing around the country (Canada) and I cannot wait for you to be involved. It is easy to sign up; in fact, I used my Facebook account because I didn't want to go through any hassle.

Live map with Wazers and notifications
I understand this is a short blog post; however, you need to experience it for yourself. It will only benefit you. Here are some facts that I found while using Waze:

  1. Only used three megabytes of data for a one hour drive.
  2. It is easy to use and straight forward.
  3. There is a button that you can select to guide you back to your parked car.
  4. People are friendly and everyone helps each other.
  5. Automatic recalculate based on traffic experiences of other Wazers.

Now, go to your app store, download Waze and get started.

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