Monday, 18 March 2013

The Best Video/Audio Download Tool

Ever wonder how to rip a video from YouTube or just rip the audio. You may use the popular YouTube downloader, but it is very limited. Do you have software to burn a video to a disc or convert your videos directly to iPod/Xbox or any devices format? Well here you go! This is a review of the free software called Freemake Video Converter.

One program and it does many different things. Freemake is the best in my mind. I have used YouTube downloader, but it does not do nearly as much. I use Freemake to convert video to different formats such as avi, mkv or mp4 as well as converting to make it playable over my network and onto my Xbox 360. It is simple to use. It is so simple that you do not need a tutorial on it. I kid you not; it is that simple. If you want to burn to a disc or convert a file, click and drag it into the program and then select what file you want to convert it to. If you are downloading from YouTube, copy the URL and click the “Paste URL” button in the program. If you want to make a video into a music file, do the same thing but convert it to MP3.  

Do not forget to browse for the folder that you want to convert and save it. This box will pop up. If you want it to go straight to iTunes, simply click the “export to ITunes” box and then convert.

Unfortunately, this software is only available for PC for now. Sorry mac lovers, your time will come. You can download it from this website here. Be sure to download the Freemake Video Converter, as it will do almost everything that Freemake offers without the need of everything else.

Now that I taught you how to get music into iTunes from YouTube, you can now enjoy my previous post on creating iPhone ringtones a lot easier. Don't be afraid to use this for your BlackBerry's and Androids. Use Audacity to cut those files. Another tutorial to come in the near future perhaps?


  1. I will be sure to use this info! Very helpful.

  2. Thank you very much for the information.
    Tried without success to use freemake softwares to download an online audio that uses Adobe Flash Player to play this audio clip.
    Is there any freeware that you can recommend for downloading audio?

  3. As of now, Freemake does not support flash. However, with some searching, this may be a solution for you. . I hope this is what you are looking for. Also, read the comments for specific instructions.